The Idea

Life Is A Film

We all know there is some power which is running our world but most of us have no idea about it. "Life is a Film" is the discovery of secrets behind the science of life which opens the door of true enlightenment. People choose to live their lives in varied ways, including a behavior and style they inherit through customs and habits developed in routine activities. Most of the times this is uninformed, subconscious and a turbulent living style.

"Life is a Film" captures the essence of how we as choice beings can create, control and process every scene of life that we step into. The understanding of the idea helps us train our minds to view the protagonist we are deep within. As soon as you will get to know about these secrets, you will be able to see your life like a mirror & correct everything to enjoy your life as a film.

The Book

Life Is A Film

An Autobiography fashioned book elaborates the Idea: Life is a Film with extracts of miraculous & fun scenes from the life of Rupesh Kumar. Life is a Film is a philosophy, an understanding that lets people play the protagonist and empowers them to decide the outcome of any scene. It is a thought tool that is extracted from Rupesh's love for cinema, passion for knowledge and power. The book is a documentation of the scenes and a considerably bold move to expose the details of his life at this level. It brings to you the secrets and philosophy of his life and the strategic scientific path for the sole reason to help everyone become enlightened.


The Film

Life Is A Film

For the first time, India's first full-length feature film, Shot on iPhone. A film without script streams through an internet addict who happens to be a Mumbai-based versatile freelancer and holds desires to be super-rich someday, His curiosity about the early death of Indian actress (Divya Bharti) & Hollywood film celebrities leads him to coincidences in films & his life. The journey heads to the discovery of the phenomena which plays key role in the understanding of our existence and ultimately help him master the doorway philosophy to the portal of enlightenment - Life is a Film


The Yantra

Life Is A Film

‘Life is a Film’ Yantra is a magical tool based on Vedic Science. It has taken years to create this Yantra which changes your life as soon as you start using it. It gives you the opportunity to see your life like a film & understand the secret power which controls your life. The Yantra, enables you to see your life moving forward, scene by scene. The Yantra, not just analyses your life but also helps you create your future life, fulfilling all your dreams. Grab your Yantra today and lead your life like a Hero in the film of your life

The Spiritual Guide


“Life is a film” is a discovery of Rupesh Kumar who found his true purpose in life as a Spiritual Guide on the path of enlightenment. Rupesh Kumar has been working in the Media industry since a decade playing many roles, as a Copywriter (Radio), Radio Jockey (Red 93.5), Voice-artist (BeatleNuts-9XM), Producer (Hungama.com), Lyricist (Baadal- Sherrin verghese) & Director for his first feature film” Life is a Film”. Currently, he is working in BIG 92.7FM as an artist. He has been meditating since 2005. He, after a lot of research and readings has come up with theories and found out a way of Dream Life by analyzing and introspection. Book a session with him to find out how you can create your dream life by being the director of your own film as Life is a Film

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जागी आँखों का सपना है ये संसार, सो ना जाना इस सपने में। ये याद रखना की इस सपने को तुम्हारी ही आँखे देख रही है। इस सपने में हर चीज़ सही हो रही है, हर घटना तुम्हारी कहानी को और भी बेहतर कर रही है। तुम्हारे सपने में होने वाली हर बात तुम्हारी ही मंजूरी से हो रही है। तुम चाहो तो इस सपने में ठीक वैसा ही होगा जैसा तुम चाहते हो, लेकिन इस सपने के टूटने से पहले इसे सही ढंग से देखना जरूर सीख लेना और भूल से भी इसमे किसी भी तरह का डर, क्रोध, अहंकार या ईर्ष्या की भावना मत लाना। और अगर मन में ऐसी कोई बात आ भी जाए तो, ये याद रखना कि "LIFE IS A FILM" ☺

The Workshop

Life Is A Film

Life is a Film workshop has been designed to awake your true self by giving you the right tools to design your life the way you want. It is the most positive transforming experience you will ever be a part of. It's the discovery of your true self who is waiting to be awakened & go on that journey which will not just change your life but everyone's life around you. The workshop will outline and explain the doorway philosophy "Life is a Film" that will endlessly offer a practical methodology for producing breakthroughs-achievements that are extraordinary and ultimately direct you to the portal of scientific enlightenment.

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TIME: 10:00 - 12:00 PM
VENUE: The Bandra Base,
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